2023 Forward/Slash

Award Winners

2023 Award Winners

We received a large number of strong nominations for the inaugural awards including some incredible examples of leadership in the Edmonton region. We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Forward/Slash awards.

Forward/Thinking Award 

This award celebrates individuals or businesses that inspire others with their approach to building an economically and environmentally sustainable future for our region. They are global thinkers, connecting their work towards solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. These individuals or businesses are laying the groundwork to have a positive impact for generations to come. They are invested in what comes next for the Edmonton region.  

Air Products

“Air Products is honoured by this award and appreciative of the support from the Federal and Provincial governments, our partners in forward thinking. Air Products has made a major global commitment to be a first-mover in clean hydrogen projects in conjunction with like-minded governments, aimed at rapid decarbonization. We chose Edmonton and the Alberta Province for this transformative project because of their leadership, their highly trained workforce, innovative spirit and desire to be an energy transition leader. We are humbled by the award and are proud to be part of the community.” 

  • Rachel Smith, Vice President, Air Products Canada

Forward/Momentum Award 

This award celebrates those who take bold action to affect change. These individuals or businesses act with a sense of urgency in advancing our shared vision for the region’s economic future and actively contribute to scaling up the existing initiatives that are already making an impact. These individuals are not about small incremental change – they’re committed to transforming and accelerating the economic growth of our region. 

Entos Pharmaceuticals

“Entos is committed to improving patient health and quality of life. We’re building the momentum to do this with our transformative genetic medicine delivery technology – developed here in the Edmonton region. As our growth accelerates, so will the life sciences industry in the Edmonton region. We’re very happy to receive this award in recognition of our momentum!”  

  • John Lewis, CEO, Entos Pharmaceuticals

Forward/Together Award

This award celebrates individuals or businesses that exemplify a spirit of collaboration. They are committed to strengthening existing partnerships and fostering new connections. They are community builders, bringing together diverse stakeholders to drive change, inspire growth, and promote cooperation among institutions, industries, municipalities, Indigenous nations, and the business community.   

Edmonton International Airport

“Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is honoured to be recognized with the “forward/together” Award. At YEG, we know that to drive change and innovation in our region, we must work together. We are excited to continue to collaborate with our Airport City Sustainability Campus and community partners to bring a positive impact to our aviation industry and regional economy. YEG’s dedication to sustainability is fundamental in everything we do, and these partnerships will help our region to grow in an environmentally and socially responsible way, leaving behind a better world for future generations.”  

  • Myron Keehn, President & CEO, Edmonton International Airport

The inaugural Forward/Slash Awards shine a spotlight on organizations that demonstrate the pillars upon which Forward/Slash is built – collaboration, inspiration, and transformation. Air Products, Entos Pharmaceuticals, and Edmonton International Airport (YEG) have each demonstrated their dedication in their respective industries and to our region. These exceptional organizations rightfully earn recognition for their commitment to transformation and driving us forward as a community. Their imprint on the Edmonton region is making a profound impact on our economy and beyond Alberta’s borders. Congratulations.”  

Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global

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