What is

forward/slash is a business-led movement to make the Edmonton region the top destination in Canada for talent, investment, and business growth.

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Our goals

Four overarching goals provide the north star that guide the work of forward/slash, each with dedicated tiger teams tackling specific initiatives.

The four goals that guide this work are aimed at making the Edmonton region:

    • Canada’s fastest growing and most resilient economy
    • Canada’s most accessible and connected business community
    • Canada’s smartest working and most adaptable workforce
    • Canada’s most attractive and affordable region for youth

forward/slash is...

industry-led and outcome-focused task forces, unlocking the region’s strengths to establish the Edmonton region as a global destination for investment.

inclusive of all the players in the ecosystem—business, Indigenous, political, institutional, and entrepreneurial leaders are all invited to #jointhemovement.

a collaborative, grassroots movement that will accelerate long-lasting economic growth, competitiveness, and well-being in the the Edmonton region.

Our strategic framework

This year, with inputs from over 200 business leaders in the Edmonton region, a strategic framework has been developed to drive the outcomes our business community is looking for.

Translating into an operating model...

that will provide Optimus SBR, our partner for forward/slash, to manage the programs and implementation capacity to forward/slash to support the steering committee, co-chairs, tiger teams, and an open engagement platform for public participation. 

Optimus SBR’s role: Optimus SBR, Canada’s largest independent management consulting firm, has built its reputation on successful implementations. With the Strategy Framework complete, Optimus SBR will provide program management and implementation capacity to forward/slash to support the Steering Committee, Co-Chairs, Tiger Teams, and an open engagement platform for public participation.